Democratizing the Agri Value Chain

We at Inclusive Growth Chain have developed an integrated Blockchain, AI and ML platform that connects all farming ecosystem players, with farmers at the centre of the network. We are working with Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) across India to help with the redistribution of value chain gains to farmers.

Our Goal

We believe that the way forward is the development of business models that are inclusive and not oppressive, models that are not only entrepreneurially competitive but also seek to impact society in a positive way.

Our aim is to implement such a model to empower the several needlessly marginalized farmers in our country.


Blockchain for farmers

We use Blockchain technology to collect reliable data for accurate predictions and increase the Traceability of our Farmers’ assets

Data - Driven Predictive Analytics Solutions

Our Robo-Advisory tool delivers accurate predictions of farmer requirements, cashflows and crop yield to our various stakeholders. 

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Data-Powered Agriculture

We leverage real-time data to empower marginalized farmers by lowering their cost of borrowing. We are collaborating with various FPOs across the country, and are gathering data directly from farmers via our web application. The same app is also used by the farmers to apply and get approval for loans. 

Creating a Digital Ledger for the Agriculture Ecosystem

  • Data Aggregation using Blockchain

  • Better Market Linkage by erasing the need for intermediaries through our integrated Platform

  • Personalized Advisory services enabled by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Pilot Project

Our Pilot onboarded 30,000 farmers in Tamil Nadu to our blockchain platform

The Project was launched on the 15th of August in the Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu, with several FPOs under SEEDS joining the blockchain platform. 

Recent News

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This team of researchers from UoH has developed a first-of-its-kind Blockchain platform to aid farmers.

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Samunnati, University of Hyderabad to rope in FPOs: Virudhunagar pilot to pave way for nation-wide rollout

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Samunnati joins hands with UoH

to introduce deep technologies that promise to reduce operational inefficiencies

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UoH, Samunnati tie up for agri blockchain project that aims to bring the entire agri ecosystem, from farmers to financing experts to a single platform


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